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We understand that companies get into financial difficulties and in most instances, the primary concern of the directors is to save the company, preserve jobs and continue to trade.

In the majority of cases, we can get you back to running your company without the pressures of debt hanging over it.

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If a company has a viable future, there are several solutions that we can provide to help get your business back-on-track and turn the current situation around. Therefore allowing you to enjoy running your company again without debt stress.

Anne Ledwith - Senior Insolvency Administrator


Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

If your company is experiencing cash flow problems or pressure from creditors, but you feel there is a viable future, a CVA may be the solution.

A CVA is a legally binding arrangement; all court action against your company will come to an end, as will all creditor pressure, allowing you to retain control of your company while continuing to trade.

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Administration is a key insolvency tool to implement the rescue and survival of the business and provides your business with immediate protection from its creditors.

During this time, the Administrator will determine whether the company can trade out of its problems or be sold on.

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Pre-Packaged Administration

A Pre-Packaged Administration can be a good way to close your old company and open a debt-free new company, whilst almost seamlessly continuing to trade.

The sale of your business will be agreed prior to, and be completed on, the appointment of the Administrator.

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