Company Closure

Close your company by the overall cheapest and most tax efficient way.

You may qualify for Redundancy Payments which can cover costs and leave money over for you.

3 Ways To Close A Company


If your company is -

  • Inactive, or
  • Solvent with assets of less than £25,000, or
  • Insolvent with creditors unlikely to object,

- then dissolution is usually suitable and typically costs a few hundred pounds.

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Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

If your company is solvent with assets over £25,000, then a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation is probably best.

This enables proceeds to be taken as capital gains tax rather than income tax - so it can be the overall most cost-efficient exit route.

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Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

If your company has creditors who are likely to object to a dissolution then a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, which is initiated by directors, is usually most suitable.

Redundancy Payments may be claimable from the National Insurance fund.

Our costs are from £999 + disbursements and VAT.

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Government Funded Redundancy Payments

When an insolvent company closes, employees may be able to make a claim from the National Insurance Fund and receive payments for outstanding wages, holiday pay, pay in lieu of notice and tax free redundancy.
This can cover the cost of the liquidation and leave money over for you.

Do I Qualify?

Redundancy Payments When Closing A Company

I was going through a difficult period. To discover I was entitled to over £14,000 redundancy, tax free, when I closed my company changed everything.

Talk To The Experts

Whether you have chosen to close your company and wind-up its affairs or you have creditors threatening to take action against it, we can provide guidance and reassurance on the best way forward.

Jane Hardy - Insolvency Practitioner


Advantages Of Voluntary Liquidation

Keep more control - close your company on your terms

Gives directors a clean break

Allows you to close a potentially insolvent company with no further liability (unless debts have been personally guaranteed).

Quick and cost effective

Can be funded using company assets such as cash at bank, sale of assets, book debts etc.

Your duties as a director

It shows creditors you have done the right thing by taking professional advice and can steer you away from the implications of wrongful trading.

Claim redundancy payments

Employees and potentially directors can make a claim from the National Insurance Fund and receive payments for outstanding wages, holiday pay, pay in lieu of notice and redundancy.

Bounce Back Loans and Liquidations

Can I liquidate my company if it has taken out a Bounce Back Loan?

In short yes. Businesses may still find trading difficult during or after this turbulent period, even with the extra funds from the loan. Recovery may not be realistic so liquidation and closure is the most suitable course of action.

What happens to the loan in liquidation?

In the event of a company being liquidated, the bounce back loan turns into unsecured debt.

Can I be held liable for an unpaid bounce back loan?

Not usually. In the event of a company being liquidated, any personal guarantees signed by a director means that director remains liable for the debt.

Directors however, generally are not liable for an unpaid bounce back loan when looking to close a company because they usually 100% guaranteed by the Government and not by the director.

How To Liquidate A Limited Company

For expert advice on the implications of an unpaid bounce back loans when liquidating a limited company, please contact us.

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